The Art &
Science Of Coaching

Coach your teams and clients to success in 2024 by becoming a professional coach.

This solution-focused, neuroscience-based program, will equip you with the most comprehensive coaching skills to support sustainable transformation in individuals, teams and organisations.

Experience the art of personal and professional transformation!

Whether you want to become a professional coach or you want to upskill and advance professionally as an HR expert, manager or leader by integrating a coaching approach – you are in the right place.

This program is for…

1. Future coaches

Aspiring coaches embarking on their journey towards professional coaching looking to harness a diverse toolkit and establish a benchmark of excellence for launching their own coaching enterprise, adhering to the ICF ACTP Gold Standard, built on a foundation of credibility and expertise. Mindset Designs offer comprehensive support to these budding coaches, guiding them from their initial training hours through the ICF credentialing process. Whether they aim to work as internal or external coaches within a company or aspire to kickstart their own coaching business, we provide the necessary resources and expertise to help them succeed

2. HR Professionals

Traditional business and HR leaders have recognized the vital role of coaching in facilitating success during periods of reorganisation, mergers, and rapid change. HR often finds itself tasked with coaching managers, executives, and employe es. Possessing a structured coaching approach, a repertoire of impactful questions, and a clear distinction between coaching and consulting proves to be immensely advantageous. By implementing these elements, organisations can cultivate a workplace culture that fosters employee engagement, aligns teams with core values, nurtures professional and personal growth, and harmonises strategic goals with employee development policies.

3. Managers and leaders

Companies looking to develop or enhance their coaching competency for organisational growth, leadership development, and cultural change. This program equips managers and leaders to boost leadership skills, improve employee engagement, set effective goals, foster proactive thinking, and overcome complex business challenges. In addition, they will understand how to align and leverage diverse personal styles and values in goal achievement.

4. Personal development champion

Embarking on a journey of personal growth through self-coaching involves enhancing your self-awareness, exploring your life objectives, addressing personal hurdles, and nurturing long-held dreams.
Every one of us possesses the ability to act as our own coach, and the present moment is an ideal opportunity to cultivate self-mastery and extend compassion to ourselves.

Over 40 years of training globally

With a time-tested core curriculum and ICF Accreditation (ACTP), this program has both certified and transformed over 45,000 people across the globe!

Erickson Coaching International (ECI) is one of the oldest and largest coach training institutes that provides ICF accredited ‘The Art and Science of Coaching’. With the vision of changing the world one conversation at a time, ECI has a robust presence in more than 85 countries spread across four continents.

The Art and Science of Coaching, it’s not just about the qualification. We teach you exceptional coaching skills so that you are equipped to help people realise their potential.

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you’re looking for?

Why choose this program?

• World class curriculum:

The Erickson coaching methodology is built on 4 pillars based on neuroscience: Solution-focused, Systemic approach, Client-centred, Action-oriented.

136 hours of education created according to the highest coaching standards prescribed by the ICF, after which you can engage in life and business coaching.

The skills you gain will become the cornerstones you need to partner with people to help them reach their full potential. These skills include: creating trust with others, deep listening, powerful questioning, robust goal-setting, designing positive actions, fostering accountability.

• Dedicated support and resources:

As part of our learner-centred delivery, you’ll join a global network of fellow coaches who will support you on your journey and become some of your best friends. Access to ongoing learning opportunities via Erickson’s Online Academy and within ERICKSON+ alumni community, you’ll have everything you need to thrive as a professional coach.

• Globally recognised qualification:

Erickson’s coach training programs are accredited by the ICF, the world’s leading coaching organisation. They’re often regarded as exceeding the ICF’s rigorous standards, which are widely recognised as the highest in the industry. You’ll gain more than a certificate, but also a deep understanding of the neuroscience of change and outstanding skills, techniques and competencies to help others reach their full potential.

• Top tier trainers and mentors:

Erickson Coaching International’s 100’s of certified trainers and ICF-accredited coaches deliver coach training programs all over the world, in 85 countries and 12 languages. With over 50,000 graduates, Erickson is a world-renowned and respected coaching certification program.

• Flexible training delivery:

Our highly flexible training model allows you to combine any on-site and online coach training program modules to accommodate a busy schedule, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and in a way that works best for you.

• Lifelong community:

A global network of fellow coaches to keep you on your journey and support you all the way…(and they will become some of your best friends)

Your coaching journey is tailored to you

With a time-tested core curriculum and ICF Accreditation (ACTP), this program has both certified and transformed over 45,000 people across the globe!

The Art & Science of Coaching program consists of two courses, The Essentials Course and The Advanced Course. Each course consists of two parts.

Your course pathway is dependent on your desired output.

  • Upskill and support your teams and organisation by completing both The Essentials Course and The Advanced Course.
  • Start your professional coaching career as an accredited ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with Level 1, allowing you to practice as a coach.
  • Further build upon your foundation of credibility and expertise and obtain ICF qualification, PCC (Professional Coach Certification) with Level 2.

The Art and Science of Coaching, it’s not just about the qualification. We teach you exceptional coaching skills so that you are equipped to help people realise their potential.

Speak to our team to help you understand the pathway that suits you:

The Essentials Course Part 1 - Inspiration

Skills and approaches organised around the core essential question: “What do you want?”

This covers the essential coach mindset, the elements that form a coaching relationship, Erickson’s Coach Position, and the step-by step process of Erickson’s Coaching Arrow. In Part 1, the emphasis is shifting from problem oriented to Solution-Focused.

The Essentials Course Part 2 - Implementation

Skills and approaches organised around the core essential question: “How might you accomplish it?”

This has an additional focus on implementation and execution of the desired outcome. This part provides an improved relationship with strategising, planning, prioritising and using time effectively.

The Advanced Course Part 1 - Integration

Skills and approaches organised around the core essential question: “Why is that important to you?”

In this part , we advance our coaching by developing the skill to uncover the client’s unique motivational structures. We deepen our ability to handle and overcome objections. We also leverage the power of values in enabling commitment and follow through.

The Advanced Course Part 2 - Completion

Skills and approaches organised around the core essential question: “How would you know you’ve achieved it?”

In this part, we focus on how people experience success. We move through completion, including testing of skills and competencies in which the topics of all Parts fall into place to complete the bigger picture of integrated Solution-Focused Coaching.*

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