Coaching through change – How to stay agile?

The only constant in life is change (Heraclitus).
It is known from ancient Greek philosophy and it is still valid today.

Change is inevitable!

Whether you work in a multinational corporate environment, small business or a nonprofit, change is part of the job. In a study conducted a few years back by HCI (Human Capital Institute) almost 80% of leaders said their organization is in a constant state of change.

Change proves challenging and a big percent of organizations are still reporting they are unsuccessful in their change management efforts. Change, so present in our lives from ancient Greece to the 21st century, remains a significant challenge and is hard to navigate effectively.

Implementing coaching in every stage of the change journey is the game changer organizations need.

In this panel discussion, we will talk with people that are implementing coaching trough change in different organizational environments, across different industries.

During this discussion with our panelists, we will cover:


What are the most common barriers to effective change and how to surpass them?


How can coaching support transformational change in different business environments (agile versus traditional)?


Impact of empowered leaders and engaged employees

The Topic: Coaching trough change – How to stay agile. Panel discussion

Date and time: 20th of August, 2020 at 18h

Location: Zoom

Participation is free!

Change is inevitable, but we can handle it!