Coach Up – Experience Professional Coaching

How does one know that something is really working? That has the highest quality and is really valuable?

We can hear stories, we can read materials, study research and theories, meet the experts and we can have some idea.

However the best way to discover if something is truly working for us or for our company is to simply try it out ourselves.

Coaching has existed in the world for decades now, and still there is confusion of coaching methodology with consultation, mentoring, or therapy. It might be hard to understand what are the proven results of this methodology. More than ever, individuals need transformation, and organizations need it too.

We believe that coaching is that agent of transformation that equips the individual to change the world one conversation at a time

The Coach Up series gives you the opportunity to experience coaching first hand. We invite you to become the client of a professional coaching session!

About Coach Up

If you want to become a professional coach, or you think that this methodology can help you to achieve your goals as a coachee , this event is for you.



Learn more about your future profession from experience


Work with a professional coach on your goals and see what would be the effect of such a conversation


Ask relevant questions and get your answers in the shortest period of time


Meet the people that have same interests as you
The event is scheduled for 22nd of July at 18h. Your host will be Marija Branovački, ICF-ACC Coach.
The number of participants is limited. Book your place on time.

… And WHY is it important for us ?

We believe that in this ever-changing times our mental and physical health becomes more and more important. We think that when your attitude is right circumstances don’t count. We believe that we can do something in order to make this world a better place and change the world one conversation at time.