The Art & Science of Coaching training

Become an ICF International accredited expert in coaching with Erickson International. ICF, the top-notch coach federation, maintains high standards for professional coaches around the world. The training will be delivered by international trainers in English. 10% off for registraion before end Feb. Apply now!.

High Performance Team Coaching training

Align and motivate teams to achieve set goals. Join the best team coaching training in the world and improve your coaching skills and results of your team! The training will be delivered in English in Prague. Get early bird discount by registering before end of May 2021. 

Webinar: Coaching Competencies for Leaders

Shift your mindset to create a Solution-Focused, collaborative environment to support your team and organization to thrive! Rapid, constant, and disruptive change is now the norm, and what succeeded in the past is no longer a guide to what will succeed in the future. To cope with this new reality, companies are moving away from

[Webinar] Experience coaching – Leader as a team coach

Building a coaching culture in an organization creates greater chances for developing and nurturing talent. But what exactly does coaching culture mean? A coaching culture simply means supporting your employees to learn new skills and become greater assets to the company. A management culture that emphasizes training, regular feedback, and opportunities for growth creates a

Parent as Coach

Confidently raise and create a deeper connection with your child. Become a parent that knows how to face the digital challenges of today’s world through enhancing your communication and social-emotional skills.

From Scratch to Hatch – Webinar in English

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a student, a homemaker, a writer, it’s time to start forgetting about all the ways the world has promised you safety and comfort.” – James Altucher Most crisis are unforeseen and when they drop upon our normality we get confused and unsure of what to do next. What is my

Coaching webinar “Coach Up – Experience Managerial Coaching”

A growing number of organizations recognize the value in building a coaching culture that offers employees at all levels the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the company. Coaching can help you to build and grow your organization and employees. Coaching increases the productivity of employees to 70%, better working organization to 60%, and

The Art and Science of Coaching Boot Camp

For the first time in this region. It’s intensive. Money and time-saving. It has the highest coaching quality.

High Performance Virtual Team Coaching

As humanity is riding out the pandemic, we are more exposed to anxiety and vulnerability. Separated physically from our usual environment, we find ourselves sporadically touching base remotely with those we used to see regularly. Many feel lost. How can leaders support their teams? How can coaches help? Can teams not only survive, but thrive

Coach Up – Experience Professional Coaching

How does one know that something is really working? That has the highest quality and is really valuable? We can hear stories, we can read materials, study research and theories, meet the experts and we can have some idea. However the best way to discover if something is truly working for us or for our